Solid wood sports floors

JUNCKERS says its sports floors are made in solid hardwood, adding that this is one of the most durable surfaces available and virtually unbeatable in terms of lifecycle costs.

As well as complying fully with EN 14904, Junckers sports floors now reportedly comply with Sports England and Sport Scotland’s guidance for Affordable Sports Floors, both Category A3 and A4 systems, exceeding Sport England’s minimum performance requirement.

Every floor finish, including synthetics, will become damaged over time and maintenance and longevity is an important factor. The difference with a Junckers solid hardwood sports floor, the company says, is that it can be sanded and re-finished eight to ten times during its life.

‘With 12-year intervals between sandings, a typical lifespan of 60 years will comfortably be exceeded. Compared with a typical 15-year life of a synthetic or ‘engineered’ floor there really is no comparison in terms of lifecycle cost.’

Specifiers and decision-makers are increasingly concerned about environmental factors, Junckers says. ‘A hardwood floor is one of the most environmentally friendly sports floor finishes you could hope to find. A solid wood sports floor from Junckers now comes at a price which falls comfortably within Sport England’s criteria for Affordable Sports Floors.’
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